The TV30 Foundation relies on contributions from the community to help TV30 provide quality programming that supports our youth and keeps residents connected to events in the Tri-Valley. You can help continue this effort with your financial support. Your donation helps continue local programming such as:

High School Sports, weekly coverage, awards, football and basketball games, Parades and other special events. Educational programming, school board meetings, city council meetings, mini-courses of topical interest, Tri-Valley documentaries, local news and more. Through TV30, local non-profits receive support via promotion that helps inform the community about their mission.

Make a donation of any size today by using your credit card below. For information about endowment donation or to speak to us about corporate donations or underwriting contact Foundation President, Dr.Marshall Kamena, at

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The Foundation is a California 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are appreciated and not refundable.